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Album Review: ‘Eternal Sunshine’ by Ariana Grande


Pop star Ariana Grande officially released her 7th studio album “Eternal Sunshine” on March 8, 2024. This album consists of 13 tracks. This album is a perfect example of going through all of your emotions while grieving a breakup and moving into a new relationship. This album focuses on her divorce and heartbreak followed by going into her newest relationship. 


Intro (End of the World)

This is the intro track to the album. This song was a great listen. Going into the album, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into; however, this first track sets the mood for the amount of emotions in this album. This specific track goes over a lot of heartbreak and loss. It has beautiful harmonies throughout the entire song and it gives it a unique feel. A standout lyric from this song would be, “How can I tell I’m in the right relationship?” This song is 6.5/10.



This is the second track on the album. This song sets an upbeat and more positive tone in comparison to the first track. The song starts off slow and incorporates melancholic tones but as it continues it turns into an upbeat pop song. This track shows that Grande is ready to move on and start new after the relationship ended. This song sits at 6/10.  


Don’t Wanna Break Up Again

This track was not my favorite. This track is good, but not great. The lyrics don’t feel connected and they feel too random. The chores was the only good part of the song. This track just sounds choppy and put together last minute. I think Grande was playing it safe with this track and it didn’t work out in her favor. I would give this song a 3/10.


Eternal Sunshine 

This is the fifth track on the album. This track follows the “Saturn Returns Interlude”. This is one of my favorite songs on the album. It is very well put together and the lyrics flow really well. Her voice complements the back tracking of the song. This song shows how she wants to erase her ex-husband out of her life. This song was inspired by the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” in which a couple decides to erase their memories of one another to be happier in the future. The track has a very catchy melody and is an amazing listen. This song sits at 8/10.



This is another upbeat track for the album. This is one of the best songs on the album. The intro is a little slower but is overloaded with emotions. As the song continues, it gets better. The chorus is very catchy. This is the kind of song to play if you’re in the car with your friends with your windows down on a nice day. This song is 8.5/10.


True Story

This track highlights Ariana Grande’s amazing pitch. The song is an amazing listen and has a great feeling to it. It holds a euphoric feel and is something I have never heard before. On the first listen, it did not catch my attention however, the more I listened to it the more it grew on me. The entire song is great and a great addition to the album. This song sits at 9/10.


The Boy Is Mine

This is another great addition to the album. This is by far my favorite Ariana Grande song I’ve listened to. This has a great pop feel to it. This song was heavily inspired by the unreleased song “Fantasize” by Ariana Grande. After the leak of the unreleased song, Grande wanted to make a song with a similar feel to it and she was very successful. This song is very catchy and holds great vocals. This song is a 10/10.


Yes, And?

This is the ninth track on the album and is not one of my favorites. This song is very upbeat; however, it doesn’t sound that great. This was released as a single and went viral on TikTok and very quickly was overplayed. I have respect for her as an artist however, because the song is so overplayed it got annoying. This is a fan favorite but I was not a fan. This song is a 5/10.


We Can’t Be Friends 

This is an absolutely beautiful song. This track holds a lot of sadness but it is truly amazing. The entire song is very catchy but the bridge and the chorus is excellent.. It is easy to get lost in the melody as the song is very melodic. This is another one of my favorite songs. This sits at 9/10.


I Wish I Hated You

This song has positives and negatives. This song is very slow so it doesn’t catch my attention. The song itself is very smooth and the lyrics blend well together. This is not a song I would put on however, if it started playing I wouldn’t turn it off. This song sits at 5.5/10.


Imperfect For You

At first, this song was surprising to listen to. On the first listen it was hard to believe it was Ariana Grande singing. This track is slow but also very upbeat at the same time. This song holds a lot of emotions and is amazing. Most of the lyrics don’t stand out to me but the chorus is beautiful and really packs a punch. This song is a 7/10.


Ordinary Things feat. Nonna

This is the closing track for the album. This is an amazing song to end the album on. The song is upbeat and very catchy. Going into the song, I wasn’t expecting the song to be what it was. I am pleasantly surprised with this track. This is another favorite of mine on the album. This song is 9.5/10.


I have never been a major Ariana Grande fan however, this album has changed my perspective on her as an artist.  The album features a variety of songs, each with its own emotion and narrative. With so much anticipation leading up to its release, “Eternal Sunshine” is definitely a success. This album highlights Grande’s vocals and her life outside of the music industry. Overall, this album was amazing and is worth a listen.

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