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Written by the students of Fitch High School and trusted since 1928

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Written by the students of Fitch High School and trusted since 1928

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Fitch Girls Lacrosse is ‘Being Better Together’


GROTON, Conn. – The 2024 Fitch girls lacrosse made a return to the list of teams to watch out for after a 2-14 season with new coach Tatum Lakowsky.

 In the 2023 season, Fitch girls lacrosse suffered a tough season of only two wins in their 16- game season.  This year, the girls are looking to make their comeback.  With the hire of new head coach Tatum Lakowsky, who brought the motto, “Be Better Together” the girls have made it halfway through their season with a record of 6-2.

After the loss of almost an entire starting line up and loss of long time head coach Michael Luthey, the remaining team struggled to readjust their flow in the 2023 season.  The team was adjusting to not only a completely new line up, but a new coach as well.  Regardless of the team’s hard work, they ended the season with only a 2-14 record, both wins being against Woodstock Academy.

“Coming into this season I was really nervous that it would be the same as last year,” said senior co-captain Stella Connell.  “There is a totally new energy, which is so relieving.”

Tatum Lakowsky isn’t exactly a new face when it comes to Fitch sports.  Lakowsky was previously assistant and junior varsity coach before leaving for the 2022 season to be head coach for Montville High School’s boys lacrosse team.  With her return to Fitch lacrosse Lakowsky brought what would become the team’s new motto, “be better together.”

“I couldn’t be happier to be back with the Fitch Girls Lacrosse team,”  said Lakowsky.  “The decision wasn’t easy with having to sacrifice time with my family but my boys were truly the push I needed as they knew this is where I belonged.

It has been proved so far in this season, that this truly is where she belongs.  The team has shown an undeniable chemistry on and off the field, not only with their teammates-but with their new head coach.  Coming back from a tough season of loss after loss, this clean slate seems to have been exactly what was needed.

“We had something to prove after last year, and I think we’re proving it,” said senior co-captain Elaina Brookhart.

Along with the new motto, the team collectively came up with their core values.  The core values: teamwork, respect, and connection, would become the team’s priorities during this season.  The team decided if all of these aspects were focused on, they would have their most successful season yet.  The dynamic, is just as important to the team as their hard work this season because without connections, the hard work and skill isn’t going to bring them anywhere.  

“Everyone on the team counts and we all win together and we all lose together its not just one person doing it all,” said Connell. 

Fitch Girls Lacrosse has definitely made the come back they hoped for this year.  They have made it half way through their season with a record of 6-2, and are looking forward in the season with same mindset of positivity and hard work that they have had all year.  The teams dedication and drive has not gone unnoticed this season, it’s clear that they are being better together.

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Izzy is a senior enrolled in the Journalism course at Fitch High School for Semester 2 of the 2023-24 school year.

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