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Album Review: ‘Found Heaven’ by Conan Gray

Credit: Lucy Flims (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGHQc5-nBxE)

Conan Gray is a pop artist who started his fame on YouTube. As a young teenager, Conan Gray released covers of songs on his YouTube channel which helped him gain popularity. Over the years, he has become one of the most loved artists for Gen Z. He released his third studio album, “Found Heaven”, on April 5. This album emphasizes his electric vocals which resembles an 80s-like voice and music and makes you feel like you are living in the 80s. 


Found Heaven 

“Found Heaven” is both the opening song and title track. This track is a strong album starter and really sets you up for the journey this album will take you on. It starts off with angelic vocals but transitions into a heavier voice. This track goes on to follow the conversation about religion and growing up with religious trauma with lyrics like “No god above us, can we repent this sin?” Overall, this is an amazing track and great album starter. This song is a 6/10.


Never Ending Song

This track was the first single released in anticipation for the album. This track came out almost a year before the album was released. The early opportunity to listen showed fans that something new was coming and Gray was making a change to his music. The song is amazingly catchy and his vocals are strong and sharp. This is a very danceable song and it is a great addition to the album. I would give this track a 7/10.


Fainted Love

“Fainted Love” is the third track on the album. This song reminds me of his older music in the sense of the meaning behind it. Conan Gray is widely known for his love songs and this is one of those. This track covers the topics of being with someone but only in a casual manner. His vocals are amazing in this song and the beat goes so well with his voice. I would give this a 7.5/10.

Lonely Dancers 

This track has to be one of my favorites from the whole album. It starts off very strong and upbeat. This was another song that was released as a single before the album was released. His voice appears more deep but he still manages to have a wide vocal range throughout the song. This is a very fun song and extremely catchy. Conan Gray has an ability to make music that is comedic but still so fun to listen to. This is an 8/10.


Alley Rose 

This is the fifth track on the album and is the first track that experiences more sad emotions. This was the last single that was released before the album. The lyrics are so complex and meaningful. Although the song is more on the sad side, it still holds the 80s like music feel to it. This song is so beautiful and makes me tear up every time it plays. This is 8.5/10.


The Final Flight

“The Final Flight” is a shorter track but holds amazing meaning to it. This track has softer vocals to it but is still very impactful. The song covers topics such as being in a relationship that is coming to an end. This song holds a very emotional aura and is an amazing addition. I would give this song a 7/10.


I Miss You

This is the sixth track on the album and reveals a more vulnerable side of the artist. This track is very personal to Conan Gray and it shows. The song itself is amazing and the vocals are very sharp and clean but the meaning behind it is even more beautiful. This track shows that he doesn’t trust easily and he wishes he could be more trusting and he finds himself missing who he used to be. I would give this a 8/10.



“Bourgeoisieses” (intentionally spelled wrong) is the seventh track on the album. The term bourgeoisie comes from a small group of people that own the majority of the world’s companies. This is not the first time Conan Gray has made a song about the wealthy. This song is fun and ridiculous but so catchy. This is one of the most eccentric songs in the album which is a great touch. This song sits at 6.5/10.


Forever With Me

This is a more melancholy song. His voice is a lot softer and has an emotional touch to it. This track covers the topic of ending a relationship with someone but still loving them forever. This is a ballad style song and is amazing. The lyrics are so raw and resonate with a lot of people who have been in similar situations. I would give this a 7/10.


Eye Of The Night

“Eye Of The Night” sounds exactly like something you would hear at an 80s themed dinner. This song starts off very powerful. This track is about feeling haunted by someone in your past even if you have cut contact. The lyrics are fun but have great meaning. This is a fun track but not my favorite so I would give it a 5/10.


Boys & Girls

This is one of the shorter tracks on the album. This song covers topics about sexuality and jealousy. It is apparent the girl he is referring to throughout the song is popular and people want to be her. This is another upbeat and fun track for the album. I would rate this a 6/10.


Killing Me

“Killing Me” was yet another single released before the album came out. This song is about when you love someone but they can’t be faithful and you can’t help yourself. This track has a theater-like beat and his vocals are intense. This is one of my favorite songs on the album leaving me to rate it a 8/10



This is another song that was released as a single and is the album closer. This is another very emotional song on the album. The track covers heavy topics such as abusive parents. This is one of my favorite songs for a multitude of reasons. The song itself is beautiful but Conan Gray’s vocals are so raw and strong throughout the recording. This is 8.5/10.


Overall, this album is amazing and I think everyone should give it a chance. There are so many different songs on the album and each one is unique. Conan Gray definitely deserves more fans and he has shown time and time again he is an amazing artist with strong emotions.

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