Oily Skin… Good or Bad?

Aja Darden, Beauty & Wellness Correspondent

Oily skin can rain on anybody’s parade to say the least, for some, trust me I know! When your skin becomes too oily it can be extremely stressful. OR it can come with possible benefits.

Let’s Get Into It!



Some causes for oily skin are: Age, Where You Live, Enlarged Pores, Season/Weather, Wrong Skincare Products.


There are actually benefits of having oily skin, It maintains and hydrates the skin. And crazy enough, oily skin thickens, which means the skin does not have as much wrinkles. But with these significant benefits, it’s important to balance out the oil and the natural moisture in your skin.

The consequences of having too much oil in your skin consists of clogging pores in relation to increased acne breakouts and skin appearing slightly darker.


How Can I Treat This Properly?

Dermatologists and writers Annette McDermottDebra Sullivan (Ph.D., MSN, R.N., CNE, COI) as well as Jon Johnson and Cynthia Cobb (DNP, APRN, WHNP-BC, FAANP) both agree with:

+ Washing Face Regularly

+ Use blotting papers and/or medical pads

+ Use a facial mask weather it be clay, honey, or oatmeal

+ Exfoliate and moisturize the skin (Aloe Vera, etc.)

+ MAKEUP WEARERS: Wipe makeup off before bed!

+ Drink water and Stay hydrated!


Any Harmful Chemicals I Should Avoid?

Indian Vogue beauty & wellness writer Dhara Vora Sabhnani suggests the products you should steer clear from!:

+ Petroleum Jelly 

+ Face Oils (coconut oil) 

+ Alcohol-based products

+ Rough physical scrubs

+ Silicones (dimethicone) 

+ Artificial Dyes


THEE BIG QUESTION: Do Expensive Products Work Better Than Cheap Ones?

Olivia Muenter of Byrdie stated that, “In general, expensive does not always mean better. These proprietary ingredients can be pricier as they are rare, but that does not mean they are more effective. Often, we are not given the scientific evidence that these ingredients are in fact, worth it.” 


On That Note: Don’t get worked up over prices, because the “high end” ingredients might not even work with your skin. Start small, do research or even talk to a dermatologist about your skin type and get the proper products and ingredients to maintain and keep your skin balanced. Here are some products that you should take a look at for treating oily skin:

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