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21 Savage’s ‘American Dream’ Track-By-Track Review

Credit: Ralph Arvesen (https://www.flickr.com/photos/rarvesen/29018070768/in/album-72157696454896081/), no changes made.

21 Savage’s highly anticipated album ‘American Dream’ was released on Jan. 12 2024. This album was something many people looked forward to because it is only his 3rd solo album produced. Although he has many albums out and is known for working with people like Metro Boomin and Drake, he has not released a solo album since “i am > i was” was released in 2018. This album reveals that 21 Savage is able to make music on his own and it shows his musical progression since his last solo album in 2018.


American Dream

This is the opening track of the album, and it is a beautiful opening at that. 21 Savage’s mother Heather Carmillia is speaking during the entire track. She sends a beautiful message and gives a sort of prologue of the album and it packs a punch even though it is a short track.  It is a 7/10.


All of Me

This track provides a reflective feel. 21 Savage sets the mood with harsh realities. This track goes over his life and reflects on his life after becoming famous. The track has great vocals from a chorus in the background and the beat complements their voices as well as 21 Savage’s voice. The lyrics go over hard topics like gun violence and social life. This track sits at a 6/10.



21 Savage has taken influence from the popular horror movie “The Shining”, and used it for a song. The song title is a play on the famous redrum quote from the movie. This song is almost like a flex for 21 Savage. He talks about guns and violence throughout the song. This is the best song on the album by far. This track is catchy and very enjoyable. The outro of the song is a sample of the “Here’s Johnny” scene from the movie. This track is a 10/10.


N.H.I.E  ft. Doja Cat

This track is another highlight of the album for numerous reasons. The song title is  a play on the game “never have i ever”. The track starts off with an incredible soft but enjoyable beat that is something we are not used to in a 21 Savage track. The song mentions things like not following social norms and making up your own rules as you go on in life. Doja Cat’s verse adds so much more to the song. Her verse displays her unique voice and adds some dynamic to the song. In the song she says “adlib” between her bars which is a comical feature because she is making a joke about 21 Savage’s famous “21” adlib in the majority of his songs. This song has great elements making it a 9/10.



As this track starts, it is set to a smooth trap like beat. This beat shows 21 Savage’s ability to rap to a softer sort of beat but get a blunt theme across. This song shows how he feels about romantic meetups and spending a lot of money but it also has themes of violence. This track is very upbeat and catchy although it is not a standout track because there is simply nothing special about it. This leaves the track to be a 7.5/10.


Pop Ur S*** ft. Young Thug, Metro Boomin

This track starts off with a deep catchy beat. This is yet another track that talks about money and cars. It is apparent that this album has a theme whether it is intentional or not. The lyrics in this song are more comical than anything. Many would say it is very unserious and I would have to agree although it is understandable the artists like to have a little fun with their music. Although I can appreciate his artistry, this song was not something I would listen to on my own. Young Thug provides a good dynamic to the song. This song does not stand out to me at all leaving it a 3/10.


Letter to my Brudda 

This track starts off with a soulful melody and the lyrics are very meaningful. This song covers the topic of breaking trust with someone important in your life. The lyrics express seeking for a new light and searching on how to be better. 21 Savage talks a lot about overcoming obstacles in life. This song has deep meaning and is very catchy, leaving it at 6.5/10.


Dangerous ft. Lil Durk, Metro Boomin

This track starts off very strong. The beat is very catchy and strong. The lyrics cover risks from having a gangster life. The dynamic between 21 Savage and Lil Durk provides a superb listening experience. The chores of the song expresses consequences if you were to cross them. It is a very upbeat and catchy song. This song is a 7/10.


Nee-nah ft. Travis Scott, Metro Boomin

This song starts off with Travis Scott’s verse and it is a great opening. He mentions the infamous singer Nina Simone which can be a clue to where the title name came from. The dynamic between these two artists is something you don’t find often. Their voices complement each other which helps create an amazing track. This is an amazing track setting at 7.5/10.


See the Real 

This is a very different track from the album so far. This song starts off slower and appears to have a sort of R&B type of beat. This is something that is unusual from the rapper but it is refreshing to hear something different on the album. This track covers a range of emotions and has great lyrics that hit hard. This track is a 6/10.


Prove it ft. Summer Walker

This is another amazing track. This song matches the last track with the more R&B approach. Summer Walker’s voice adds so much to the song. Her voice is calming and her lyrics are amazing. I think this was a very smart feature. This track covers things like vulnerability. This track also has themes of love and genuine feelings which is different from the other songs on the album so far. This song is a solid 8/10.


Should’ve Wore a Bonnet ft. Brent Faiyaz 

This is yet another amazing feature. Brent Faiyez has more of that R&B feel that compliments the past two tracks. 21 Savage doesn’t stay in that genre but the dynamic between them is amazing. It can be interpreted that the mention of the bonnet throughout the song is a reference to emotional protection in love. This song has great meaning and sits at 8.5/10.


Just Like Me ft. Burna Boy, Metro Boomin

This is one of the best songs on the album. The song starts off with great production by Metro Boomin and Burna Boy’s lyrics. The beat is softer but catchy and Burna Boy’s lyrics and voice complement the back track. This track provides great dynamic between the two artists making the track enjoyable and emotional. This track is a solid 9/10.


Red Sky ft. Tommy Newport, Mikky Ekko

Going into this track, it is nothing I expected. The song starts slow but kicks off when 21 Savage starts his verse. This happens many times where it will get sof,t and then 21 Savage will go into his verses and the beat will increase. This song reflects on 21 Savage’s success and how he feels about the industry. This song is not good or bad sitting at a 5.5/10.


Dark Days ft. Mariah the Scientist 

This being the last track of the album was a good move. It switches the flow again to a slower beat. This track is slow but packs a punch. Mariah the Scientist adds so much to the song with her voice. Her chores add so much emotion to the song. 21 Savage uses this track to help the younger generations understand the gang like lifestyle and why we should stay away from it. This track is a reflection on his dark days which is where the title comes from. This is a very powerful song and it helps the album end on a good note. This track is an 8/10.


Overall, this album is a major success. It has been the number one most streamed album for two consecutive weeks as of this writing, proving that 21 Savage is moving onto bigger and better things. He has put so much raw emotion into this album and it shows, and  hard work definitely paid off in the end.

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