Rocketman: The Fantastic Tale of Survivor Elton John

Alexis Fitzgerald, Arts and Entertainment Writer

Rocketman, directed by Dexter Fletcher, adapted from the screenplay; written by Lee Hall, is a fantastic tale of Elton John. This jukebox musical brings the Bohemian life of rock god, Elton John, into the light. Reginald Dwight ‘Elton John’ is portrayed by Taron Egerton, who depicts Elton’s flamboyance remarkably throughout the film.


Rocketman starts us off in Reg Dwight’s early childhood as a shy, bespectacled, piano prodigy, who hears a song on the radio repeating the tune on the piano. This action causes a sequence of events to occur from his piano lessons to going to a renowned academy for music. Throughout these events, we see Reg struggling with a ‘lack of love’ where his parents neglected him and only source of compassion came from his grandmother.


The movie shortly jumps to the 70’s, where we see Dwight in his mid 20’s going through the beginning journey of his fame. Dwight is performing as the pianist for a tour, during this time  he is struggling with the idea of him being gay, after he is kissed by a fellow person on tour. The movie moves on to Dwight going to a record company to get a deal, where he is introduced to his best friend Bernie Taupin.


Rocketman then switches to Bernies and Dwight’s journey of writing music together and beginning their relationship as best friends. Dwight switches his name to Elton John, a stage name. Shortly after a few events in the movie, the two men are seen in the record label’s office, where they are set up and sent to America to perform.

When they arrive in America, Elton goes through the difficulties of performing and later rocking the stage in an astonishing show. From that show on, Elton’s career takes off and his eccentric personality, including his styles, taking off with him. Drug and alcohol addictions starting to come into play as the film goes on.


Towards the end of the movie, Elton’s mental health getting sufficiently worse, which is a cause for alarm. Throughout the course of this film, it’s switching from a rehab meeting to his story. The movie ends with Elton coming to terms with his addictions and checking himself into rehab where he goes to get better, which he does. The ending finishes off with the song “I’m Still Standing” blasting through the theatre speakers signaling the end in which Elton has recovered. The credits roll and information about Elton’s life in the present.

Though we couldn’t tell you everything that happens in the movie because it is important that you form your own opinion after watching this sparkling presentation. After seeing this movie, we can confidently say this jukebox musical certainly deserves recognition for its outstanding presentation of Elton John’s life in  Rocketman.